Investor Relations: We will answer inquiries from existing and potential investors. We arrange and manage conference calls, Press Releases, phone and email campaigns, everything you can possibly need to help promote your company.

Tactical Marketing: The Olibri Group utilizes market intelligence along with strategic advice relating to Investor Relations to create a unique campaign to maximize exposure for your company. We do not simply use the "shotgun" approach and hope, we use market proven strategies to expand your investor base.

Once all intelligence is gathered, we will create a unique action plan and present it for comment and approval. Once we have approval from you, our dedicated staff will impliment the plan and report on a regular basis the outcome, modifying as needed.

Full Scale Investor Relations

The Olibri Group
2010 The Olibri Group
As the head of a publicly traded company you wear many many hats. The Olibri Group helps you maintain your public image while freeing up some of your valuable time.
Our services include: